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Kids, Pre-Teens, Teenagers & Fun Money.
Money Mindset and Money Habits For Life

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Raising The Next Generation of Amazing
Human Beings, Not Human Doings!

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Attract Better Value For Your Financial Future.
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Give your children a financial head-start in life to become money-smart children.


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What kind of earth will future generations inherit from us? Only you & I can decide.


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Financial freedom is 80% mindset & 20% knowledge. Reprogram your mindset from working for money, to money working for you.


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Lack of financial education leads to personal finance issues. These in turn affect job performance and productivity for corporate institutions.


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They say that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is today.

Did you know that by nature, children aged zero to seven (0 to 7) learn by observing rather than what they are told and that those observations form a solid foundation for their habits during adulthood? Picture visits to malls or shops with children of these ages. What do they observe repeatedly on the subject of money? SPENDING!

Coupled with the belief passed down from generation to generation that children should not be introduced to the subject of money, we become blind as parents to the fact that by default, we raise our children to be consumers. This is where personal finance management troubles for most adults started.

Personal finance management is 80% behavior (psychology – mindset), 20% knowledge and practice. If you want to attain financial freedom easily, you first have to address the root problem which is the various ideas that were instilled in your mind (subconscious) since childhood. You will soon stop working for money, and money will start working for you.

A New Model & Approach of Training To Financial Education With Psychology At Heart

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Personal Finance Management, Investments and Entrepreneurship are life skills. How does one develop any skill? Below is our formula for developing a skill.

  • Dreamers Skills Formula = Right Mindset + Right Knowledge + Practice
  • Right Mindset (80%): The right mindset is the foundation of your financial freedom
  • Right Knowledge (20%): Content that is relevant in this age & time with a futuristic view skewed towards building wealth
  • Practice: Goals are set for a year, and we walk, guide & mentor you, to ensure the development of the needed skills

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